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If You Are Renovating, We Can Help

Whether you’re installing a new door or windows for a basement suite, or a new plumbing system, Capital Concrete Cutting Ltd is your source for concrete cutting and removal in Victoria and southern Vancouver Island.


  • Core drilling: We can core drill smooth holes in concrete from ½ inch diameter to 20 inch diameter and as deep as you need.

  • Concrete scanning: As a preventive measure, we will scan the concrete before cutting into it to see under the concrete, watching for electrical conduits, water and heating lines, mesh, rebar pattern, etc.

  • Slab or Floor Cutting: We can cut trenches in your basement floor or outside slabs for plumbing and electrical runs.

  • Wall Sawing: We can wall saw openings any size you need.

  • Concrete scanning: As a preventative measure, we can scan the concrete before cutting or drilling it to see inside the concrete and find any embedded electrical conduits, water or heating lines, mesh or rebar.

Concrete Removal

We cut out parts of your walls and foundation to make room for new doors, plumbing systems, and other features

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